Files are transferred onto this server by using SFTP. This is Secure FTP.

There are a number of GUI FTP clients and most support SFTP. Some examples are Fileszilla and WinsSCP.

As Filezilla is installed on all our Lab computers this example walks you through setting it up to transfer files.

Firstly locate Filezilla in your Programs list, and start. You can do either a quick connect (steps 1-2) or save the settings for using again (steps 3-5).
Follow the steps below as appropriate and click on each image for the screenshot. Once connected the final two steps cover copying files (steps 6-7)

1. Enter the host (, your username, password and the port 22 (indicates an sftp connection)

2. Click Quickconnect and it should log you in.


3. Choose Site Manager from the File drop down menu

4. Click on "New Site" and Fill in the details as shown, to include hostname, choose "sftp" as connection, "ask for password" and your username. Click on Connect

5. Enter your password when prompted

6. Once logged in, you now see your computer files on the left, and the server (remote) files on the right.

7 . Higlight the file(s) and right click to upload to the server. (Reverse the proceedure to download)